News Article How Prezzy Box handle Mother's Day traffic spikes

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Allies spoke to Zak Edwards at about whether they see an increase in traffic and what they do to handle it.

How Prezzy Box handle Mother's Day traffic spikes

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we spoke to Zak Edwards at about whether they see an increase in traffic and what they do to handle it.

How does website traffic in the build up to Mother’s Day compare to the average week?

It doubled in the days leading to Mother’s Day in 2014.

How do you handle that increase in traffic?

The increase translates to additional orders which are, of course, fantastic for our business. Our website is designed to scale so it handles the increase without any difficulty. We do, however, ensure we have extra staff on hand to pack and despatch the orders.

Do you run any additional promotional campaigns in the run up to Mother’s Day?

Yes, we increase activity on our social feeds and also make sure that those who’ve opted in for email marketing know that Mother’s Day is approaching – some people appreciate the reminder! We also dedicate the homepage to Mother’s Day during the week before.

How does PostCoder Web help you handle the additional orders?

It lets us focus our efforts on getting orders packed and dispatched, without the time-consuming need to manually check addresses. If we had to do that, we’d need to employ more staff and that would increase our costs.

Did you find PostCoder Web handled the increase in orders without any problems?

Yes, absolutely – it was flawless and did exactly what we needed it to do.

Does Father’s Day give you a similar spike in traffic?

Interestingly, not so much. Last year, traffic increased by around 45% compared to over 100% for Mother’s Day. Sorry Dads!

Do you have any advice for people who run seasonal campaigns?

Yes, make sure you’ve got a solid solution in place to handle the additional volume of traffic and orders. People will only come back if their last experience of you was positive.

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