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Address Data Buy address lists and location data for the UK and Republic of Ireland

Power your database or marketing campaign with the latest, most accurate address data.

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Allies Computing Address Data - Buy address lists and location data for the UK and Republic of Ireland

Tailored to your precise requirements

  • All addresses in UK and Ireland
  • UK addresses within one or more postcodes
  • Irish addresses that match a list of Eircodes
  • All addresses in one or more streets, towns or counties
  • Addresses within a certain distance of a point on a map and polygon-based area searches
Allies Computing will tailor our address data to your precise requirements

Created using a range of best-in-class datasets

We create address lists using the latest datasets from a wide range of suppliers including Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey.

Allies address data includes Royal Mail's PAF DatasetAllies address data includes Office for National Statistics DataAllies address data includes Ordanance Survey DatasetAllies address data includes the Eircode Dataset
30M+ Addresses
1.8M Postcodes
1.4M Business names
4,500 Updates every day

Multiple datasets

We aggregate data from these datasets and suppliers to ensure we provide the richest, most detailed address records.

  • Postcode Address File (PAF)
  • Multiple Residence
  • AddressBase Premium
  • Eircode Address Database (ECAD)

Supplied in an easy-to-use file

Our address lists are provided in standard CSV format, and are very easy to work with. Import them into your database, or view them in a text editor or spreadsheet.

Addresses and postcodes change from time to time, so we also provide regular updates if you need them.

For more details about our address lists and how we supply them, check out our Guide to UK Address Data.

Supplied in an easy-to-use CSV file Format

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