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Royal Mail delivers letters and parcels to around 30 million addresses across the UK. With a rich and varied heritage, Royal Mail has helped the world to communicate for over 500 years.

Allies has been an authorised licensor of Royal Mail data since the early 1990s when the postal operator first began to licence their Postcode Address File (PAF) database for commercial use.

Alongside PAF, we offer the Multiple Residence, Alias and Not Yet Built datasets. These datasets enrich PAF with details of multiple occupancy properties and properties under construction. We also provide British Forces Post Office postcodes.

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Allies provide Royal Mail PAF data for all the addresses in the UK. We can provide address data for specific postcodes, streets, towns or counties. We also offer address data within a certain distance of a point on a map, and polygon-based areas.

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Cleanse address data

Allies offer a data cleansing service that will compare your existing address database to PAF data. We can then correct incomplete or incorrect addresses.

Standardising your addresses against PAF data will ensure that all your addresses are valid. We also standardise against Not Yet Built, Multiple Residence and Alias datasets, to ensure your address database is completely up-to-date.

You can also append or enrich your data with additional fields.

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Address lookup API

Our address lookup API, Postcoder, uses Royal Mail PAF data to return accurate address data with every search. Your customers can look up their address using their postcode, or use type-ahead autocompletion to fill in address forms. Automatic address verification using PAF ensures accurate deliveries and data quality.

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