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AWS consultancy Optimise your IT services using AWS and our expertise

Our team of AWS consultants can help you migrate to the Amazon Web Services cloud, or optimise your current use of the platform. From lift-and-shift guidance to cloud-native architectures, we've got all of the bases covered.

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Allies Computing AWS Consultancy - Optimise your IT services using AWS and our expertise

Our AWS consulting services

We help organisations like yours to leverage the many benefits and features of Amazon's ever-expanding cloud platform.

  • On-demand and serverless compute services
  • Reliable, scalable and secure storage for your data
  • Internet-scale SQL and NoSQL databases at low-cost
  • Fast content delivery to anywhere in the world
  • Multiple layers of security to keep your assets safe
Allies Computing AWS consulting services

Delivered remotely to keep everyone safe

Even at this challenging time, our AWS consultants can deliver a range of assets, and are experienced in ITIL and applying Agile and PRINCE2 to projects.

  • Cost optimisation reports
  • Security audits
  • Current and future state analysis
  • Usage and performance monitoring
  • Architecture and design
  • Implementation and migration

Whether you're planning to migrate to AWS for the first time, or want to optimise your existing use of AWS, we're ready to help you.

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How we can help

Use cases

  • Optimise costs
    Our AWS bill has doubled over the last year, how we can cut it?

    We can optimise your AWS costs even if your workloads are spikey and unpredictable. Our recommendations provide clear, actionable steps that focus on the big wins.

  • Improve performance
    Our ecommerce website is slow and unreliable, what can we do?

    We can improve your key business applications by building out a performant and high availability architecture on AWS that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Strengthen security
    We need to protect our IT services, how can we build a super-secure network on AWS?

    We can enhance your cyber security by designing and implementing a secure, locked-down private cloud within AWS to safely house your servers and assets.

  • Harness unlimited storage
    Our on-premise storage is filling up, can we store it more efficiently using AWS?

    We can help you leverage the near-unlimited storage provided by AWS in the most cost-effective way, from initial data transfer to ongoing lifecycle management.

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Our AWS consultants

Dan Cooper: Allies AWS Principal Consultant

Dan Cooper

Principal Consultant

Dan is a Certified AWS Solution Architect with 20 years of experience in designing and developing solutions at large and small orgs. He has a deep understanding of AWS's core services and specialises in high availability architecture, ETL and VPC design. Dan credits his skills using Python in Lambda functions and Glue scripts on his many years using PHP and .NET, as well as BASIC on his ZX Spectrum in the 1980s. He is a Certified Scrum Master and also experienced in PRINCE2 and ITIL 4.

Tim Stephenson: Allies AWS Principal Consultant

Tim Stephenson

Principal Consultant

Tim is a Solution Architect with two decades of experience in software architecture and design. He is an avid technologist and was one of the first to spin up EC2 instances from his mobile phone when AWS launched in 2006. Tim has delivered numerous lift-and-shift and transform-and-shift projects using AWS for a range of organisations. He is also an award-winning photographer and can often be found shooting weddings in windswept castles at the weekend.

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Our simple 4-step process

  • Objectives

    First discussion to determine your goals and requirements, and the sharing of some initial ideas and suggestions.

  • Analysis

    Audit and analysis of your current state architecture and utilisation in areas like compute and storage.

  • Recommendation

    Actionable guidance that covers what you're most interested in, and which enables your objectives to be achieved.

  • Implementation

    Optional implementation of any agreed changes, working in step with your team and change control process.

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Case study: Postcoder

Postcoder is an API that handles over 1 million transactions per week for some of the UK's largest organisations.

Hosted on AWS since 2010 and supported by Allies Computing, Postcoder highlights our expertise in delivering performant and high availability services.

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To meet the demand from a growing number of API calls, we continuously identify, evaluate and leverage a wide range of new and innovative services including Lambda, Aurora, SQS, Elasticache for Redis and CloudFormation.

This cutting-edge expertise, coupled with a decade of experience, means we are ideally placed to help organisations get the best performance and cost efficiencies from AWS.

Dan Cooper, Principal Consultant

Millions of organisations are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centres globally.

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Secure Comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements.
Compliant Rich controls, auditing and broad security accreditations including ISO 27001.
Hybrid Extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud using hybrid architectures.
Scalable Access as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as required.

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What our customers say

Netdespatch - A customer who uses Postcoder

"Allies help us maintain a level of service that is always there for our 120,000 business customers."

Find Me A Gift - A customer who uses Postcoder

"17% increase in conversion and a streamlined checkout process; we are delighted with the results."

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"2x faster checkout times - Postcoder has literally transformed our checkout."

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